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Live like a Farmer, Think like a Coach, is my latest book compiling the learning from my Courage to Create programme and the Science of Successful Living. Partnered with my love for gorgeous food, this latest offering centers around happiness and our connection to it. It is a sensory journey of adventure, where I take you through the evolution of dream lifestyle from an unreachable idea.  

Live like a Farmer, Think like a Coach, embraces the freedom of being authentic, simplicity, and practical action. 

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Live like a Coach, Think like a Farmer





Last year a few things happened to make me question living in Cape Town. I had a good life going, the usual entrepreneurial hiccups, but mostly good. With the economic squeeze I came over to Kwa Zulu Natal to explore other business opportunities and visited my Dad on his farm. While we spoke, I told him about my dream to farm, and truly it has been on my list for years. A month later, I had sold up my life in Cape Town and drove across the country to this new life.

This book is an introduction to my life as a farmer and internet based coach. My recipes, my plants, my lessons learnt, all written my usual less than serious but blunt style. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

My intention was to write a separate book on how to be brave, how to follow your dreams, and help my clients live their dreams from my spot on the verandah. Turns out that the light in the garden called, I have always loved growing things… Weenen has a kind of raw eloquent beauty that is sunkissed and wild. A feral part of the land of the people of Heaven, where heat and an abundance of water conspire to bring the best of land from field to table. The wild, the glistening with dew, the rain soaked, the lightening struck. I cannot show you this place without the words that paint the sky. It is the land of winter fire, where firebreaks band the hills and the grass blows in waves man high in late August. The scent of scorched earth is a warm reminder that a fire waits inside to keep the frost chill out, and the air is so cold that your face tingles in the dawn.

Summer arrives as suddenly as the change of calendar, with swathes of roses blooming unexpectedly and delightful, the heady scent of peach skin and petals. Each bloom so vibrant in colour  as to defy photographic laws of light. Then come the mulberries, heavy on the trees, falling into our greedy hands, leaving splashes of carmine ink on our palms, sweet and thick as fingers. I have not yet experienced Autumn, but I smell it in the morning air. The chill lurks with the mist thick on hills in the mornings now, and I’ve started to harvest gooseberries and mielies, dusting the ants off so that I can make luscious mounds of bread from the crushed kernals. '

~ Live Like a Farmer, Think like a Coach

Fiona Juan 

Release date 25 October 2017 - available now on Pre-Order

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