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The Science of Successful Living with Fiona Juan : Resilience Coaching for your healthiest and best life


Intensive, powerful, no nonsense coaching that shakes you into living the life you've always secretly dreamed of but had no idea how to start pursuing. 

Are you a good fit client?

You need to be willing to go all out for what you want.

You have to be willing to invest time and resources into your new life strategy.

Are you ready to make changes that lead you towards your ideal lifestyle?

I work with clients who want the most for their lives. 

I commit to walking through fire with them to achieve this.

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'From working with my communication style, fine tuning my goals and teaching me how to improve my confidence, Fiona has allowed me to grow under her guidence and watchful eye. I now run my own business and have the ability to reset my direction when things feel out of line. She has helped me to trust my own inner compass! Thank you Fiona!'

~Johnathan S 

'My health improved when Fiona showed me how mindset played a role in healing. Fiona uncovered beliefs in my life where I was my own worst enemy. We worked through them, one by one and she was patient enough to teach me methods of coping with what I thought was just the way my life was going to be. She didn't allow me to accept defeat. I'm able to thrive again. ' 

~ Tshepo M

Fiona is truly a success coach. She always shares thought provoking and informative ideas with me. She coaches in a understandable and realistic way. She not only works on growing your business but she works on your limiting beliefs as well. She understands to get your business to the next level you first have to push through your limiting beliefs first.

-Beauty B

' I have to admit, I didn't know if coaching would help me. I am so glad I worked with Fiona. My happiness levels were always last on my list. She has helped me to find a new way of living where I have meaning. I feel useful again. I know that things are just getting better and better. Knowing that I could whatsapp my questions and she would answer them gave me confidence.'

~Michelle T

Fiona is a doer- a maker and a shaker; she has endless energy and the ability to create & innovate comes naturally to her. From my collaboration and personal interactions with Fiona, I found her to be dedicated and 'sold out' committed to sharing her wisdom and success coaching expertise. Fiona walks her talk and will professionally take you out of your comfort zone to achieve the change and personal rewards you so require.

-Licia D

Cape Town

Fiona Francesca Juan with her inspirational mindset and forward thinking habits along with her can do attitude is one of the core reasons of why I strive to progress every single day.

Her thoughts always take on a different perspective. What you think you know is only the tip of what you in actuality can use going forward. She works with your best interest at heart. Everyone is different and she appreciates that and I believe looks for that value in people - that is something that I think drives her... knowing that everyone brings a new perspective.

With Fiona - you're always challenged to do things with progress in mind. As the name says - "Just one percent" - that's how you progress, one step at a time, one thought. one action.

The coaching Fiona does is aimed at taking you as a whole and bringing forth a part of you that you may have doubt in, may fear... may not even know exists. I don't think of Just one percent as life coaching... I think of it as a choice the individual makes to challenge themselves to become a better version of who they are. We can't progress alone.
You have to "surround yourself with people on the same mission as you"... with Fiona, she won't just be on the mission with you...she'd carry your spare rifle and mags with the artillery needed for you to succeed.
- Arnold J